Lazy Susan Dinner

Turntable as a help and for presentation of food

The reaching out for, asking for and knocking over food and sauces is no longer an issue thanks to the Lazy Susan. An ideal devices for your dining table that makes all on it available for all around the table with a simple turn. All sauces, dishes and food is within reach instantly.

A dinner with friends or a intimate dinner with your loved one gets an extra dimension.

Rotating tray on the table

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lazy susan at a dinner lazy susan turntable for a dinner lazy susan turntable at a bbq

Comfort is being achieved by using funktional devices, a fact long known to Chinese people. You all know a chinese restaurant where they use the Lazy Susan for all the small dishes with food and sauces that are easy to get to.

Why wait, make it yourself comfortable at your own dinner table or during a BBQ in the garden!

Lazy Susan for garden table

Not just fun to use in home, on your garden table during a dinner or bbq, you can enjoy the ease and comfort a Lazy Susan gives.

Especially designed for the garden table is this Granite Lazy Susan. They even thought of a hole for the garden umbrella. Clever design!

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